PET Tapes



圖案有加白墨的話,重複堆疊的可能性就要靠巧手編排&剪裁,但是在剪下物件時會比較清楚看見圖案 ; 圖案沒有加白墨,相較之下就像教堂玻璃一樣清澈透明,可以層層堆疊出無限可能之外,裁減時比較難以看清楚圖案,會建議在下方放上一張A4白紙以便看清楚物件再下手剪裁。

There’s no big differences between PET tapes and other transparent tapes, but if you use PET tape much often , you will see PET is somehow a combinaton between washiest tapes and transparent tapes: the restickable and transparency of its aspects (usually come with releasing paper).

If the printing pattern with “white ink,” that means it may be a little bit challenge for users to do some overlapping style collages, but on the other hand, it is much clear to see the patterns for cutting purpose ; compare to the other kind of PET tape “without white ink,” it is still transparent as it really looks like the rose windows of the church, and users can use it to do overlapping without limitation! But, there’s a little bit challenge to cut all the patterns down coz’ the semi-transparent pattern sometimes are hard to see, so we recommend to put a white paper on the table while you’re cutting those PET tapes without white ink.