Coffee Chics PET Tape


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PET材質|自帶離紙|4cm x 5M|有白墨|23cm循環

There was a time (2019) when someone asked me “Do you have any masking tape of portrait?”
I was so speechless at the moment…

Since that I start to picked up my favorite drawing tools: Copic markers, to do these female portrait with coffee 🙂
I used to paint these lady’s hair with watercolor, but found out it was too much abstract for others to understand…, so just before I sent it to the printer, I redrew these with watercolor pencil for the hair parts, and it looked much better than before!

Product Info:
PET(plastic masking tape) with releasing paper and white ink, 4cm x 5M, 23cm@loop

*PET Masking Tape Using Tips:
PET masking tape is one type of transparent masking tape, so no need to worry about if you stick it on the wrong place. 
Just like masking tapes, remove it and stick it again with your hands clean in order to make your artwork looks clean and neat 😀