Love Letters, 2020, Autumn Memories and Yuletide masking tapes by J.A.B Design



這次四款新品紙膠帶分別是以貝殼與珊瑚為主題的「Love Letters」、20根代針筆手繪的羽毛「2020」、麥克筆手繪的銀杏葉「Autumn Memories」以及以聖誕過節氣氛為主題的「Yuletide」,新品已經在Pinkoi設計館裡上架啦~




Done some new illustrations during hot summer time, then it’s autumn season that I shall share my happiness to all masking tape lovers 🙂

This time I have 4 new masking tapes released:

-[Love Letters] for sea shells and colorful corals

-[2020] for 20 hand drawing feathers line arts

-[Autumn Memories] for ginkgo leafs in autumn season

-[Yuletide] for all the objects that represent Christmas feeling

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