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其實一直想做些小禮物來謝謝每每來我們Heide x Jinn攤位上聊天的小夥伴們,



I’ve been thinking to make some small gifts for all customers I met in the event, just a simple “thank you” is not enough to express my feeling…

So let’s start our free gifts information about J.A.B Design(original stationery branding) and Heide x jinn(fan art products).

800*800 logo_J.A.B 霧透卡
PVC business card for purchasing J.A.B Design masking tapes. 凡購買J.A.B Design的原創紙膠帶贈送的PVC分裝片 
800*800 Nydia小卡photo
One side colorful printed card for purchasing Nydia series products. Nydia系列商品贈送的Nydia單面彩色印刷小卡
Avengers free gift 06_方
MARVEL – Avengers hero cards set (including 8 characters) for purchasing MARVEL fan art products. 購買Heide x Jinn的MARVEL相關二創商品,贈送復仇者聯盟小卡套組(8款一套)